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1st time in Europe on show !

JET A1 - 160 - 200 HP  DeltaHawk Diesel Aircraft Engines

Messerschmitt ME 109 by Roland Aircraft

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We had long days and short nights at Friedrichshafen.
 Thank you for visiting us at our booth.

Together with our partner -  ROLAND Aircraft - we will follow up your questions on the engine and aircraft. We understand your demand for certificated engines, but a certification process will take around 2 years.

DeltaHawk Engines LLC has started this process now.

For all those who are interested in using the engines for experimental use,
check out our information’s

order now for a delivery in early 2006.

April 20th, Set-up of the booth at Hall 3 Stand 101

April 21th, At 9 a.m. the show started. 5 min later people are gathering around the DeltaHawk engine

Sometimes you couldn’t see the engine

Continuously in discussion with potential customers.

Matthias Petry – DeltaHawk Engines Europe -

Roland Hauke and Matthias Petry
had to climb up 15 meter to get the
Banners in place
That's a 2 Stroke Diesel?
Unbelievable !

First time on show!

ME 109 - 2 seater. Size: 1/82

More info @ www.roland-aircraft.de

1:30 pm

1:45 pm

April 24th - High Noon

Turbo and Super Charger ?

Judith Hauke - explaining the ME 109 and the DeltaHawk Engine -

- to fast for my camera -

First flight video and additional informations
on our DeltaHawk TV-screen

Roland Hauke explaining his new floats

Thanks to the staff of Roland Aircraft and to my friends who supported us on the show.

Check out frequently our web-site for new information’s

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